User report of our customer "Gelita"

Consistently Positive Feedback

Consistently Positive Feedback

An "Important Building Block" was missing

By the summer of 2020, until the introduction of macs Finance, Gelita AG made it possible to pass through the cost center module (Cost Center) and the product costing into the GuV only by means of a demanding and time-consuming detour. The employees around Gerd Eiermann exported the necessary data from different sources (macs, ERP system, Excel) and 'deformed' them together in a complex Excel Ta-belle. Exactly at this point, Gelita lacked a crucial building block, which leads the results quickly, safely, comparably and above all uncomplicated to operation profit and EBIT. Today, input and all the necessary conversion steps come from a building block.

Same data as before

The output data remain the same as before, and yet the quality of the data has improved enormously. Errors in the two-fold transfer and export of the data, and especially during the transfer of the values into Excel are excluded today. All data are processed automatically.

Comparing results worldwide

There is integration of all macs modules. The results are transparent and comparable across all countries, because macs at each location, globally, allocates the values to the same location and that is independent of the local accounting standards. Since the introduction of macs Finance, master data and calculation logic have been standardized for all locations. 

From Eberbach to the World

Gelita AG also introduced macs software in 2020 at the company headquarters in Eberbach/Germany. From there, all 13 Gelita locations should be organized in the world-far organized. Because in July the implementation went very quickly and very smoothly, the company decided to test macs finance at the Gelita site in Sweden.   By the colleagues there, Gerd Eiermann got a surprisingly positive result without hesitation. That gave him and his team the assurance that macs finance was the right way to go for the company. The good result from Sweden motivated the team for the next test at the plant in the USA. Since the end of 2020, macs Finance has also been running at Gelita in South Africa.
The controller is certain "that macs finance is also easy and feasible for all other Gelita sites."

From simple to complex

To August 2021, according to the plan, all 13 Gelita sites are to be equipped with macs finance, or in other words, work in the same methodology. "We develop from the simple locations to the complex," explains Gerd Eiermann his plan " that gives us security and the experience for the around-gang with the complicated cases. So far, we have received positive feedback from each location. "

The virtual introduction was an advantage

Pandemic caused the introduction of macs finance into the network. "This was the best thing that could happen to us," reports Gerd Eiermann. Overall, the macs project leaders accompanied for five days, as much as offered and agreed, the introduction of the module, however, no five days in the piece and never in the company. In certain and defined rhythms, the Gelita team met virtually with the macs advisors and, between them, they worked on their tasks. " We have been intensively involved in the respective topic and we were able to implement and practice this immediately. A very efficient approach, " praises Gerd Eiermann. " We have understood the system much better. In the end, it went faster and we saved the travel costs, " he sums up the time.

A time saving that pays off

The highlight for the controller at Gelita was the moment when all the master data had been set up. " This was the centerpiece of the task. There's a lot of work and grips in it and the benefit was immediately visible. At this point we have noticed how much time we have left. "

The stakes are expected

Although it takes a few months for the master data to be perfectly prepared with macs finance at all 13 Gelita locations worldwide, the effort is still amortized today. Already after two accounting periods, the introduction of macs finance is expected.
In the end, Gerd Eiermann and his team will remain more time to analyze and interpret better data better. Time to think ahead and wonder what it takes to positively influence the business outcome in the future.

Gelita AG is a leading manufacturer of gelatin, collagen and collagen peptides for food, pharmaceutical, and health & nutrition applications.
At 13 locations worldwide, Gelita maintains a global production network.