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Initiativ Application

Initiativ Application


  • Are you interested in business software products?

  • Have you completed an apprenticeship, degree or further education with an IT-technical or economic background?

  • Do you already have initial experience with IT project management, controlling software products or controlling consulting?


  • Do you think macs is just a great company that you would like to work for?


If you can imagine supplementing and supporting macs with your knowledge, your skills and talents, it is best to send your contact details in a short email to We will contact you with a suggested date for a first Teams meeting to get to know each other.

At the beginning we do without the usual application documents. We are interested in your CV and everything else that is part of an application only in the next step.

Sound easy? It is. We view good advice and good software development separately from good applicant skills.

So let's go...- we're excited!


There is progress in everything.

  • We take the time to get to know everyone who is interested.
  • If it fits with macs, we invite you to a personal meeting at our company headquarters by room.
  • If it doesn't fit with macs, there may be a network partner that we can recommend contacting.
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